Namewee Drunku0026Screw again演唱會再度被取消 黃明志喝醉幹人爆料15分鐘 錢不要賺通通捐出去

昨天手機被打爆了, 謝謝大家關心. 這件事跟之前不同, 之前是舊政府打壓人民很普通, 而現在這件事已經超過了那個範圍…. 現在我一次過告訴大家到底發生了什麽事, 讓大家去判斷.
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另外, 這次我們也會把所有的盈利都捐出去給慈善團體, 歡迎大家來報名. 記得把所有慈善團體的相關資料, 銀行賬戶, 最重要是網站鏈接send到 [email protected]
我們必須查過並確定是正當的, 合理的, 乾淨的, 非政府和背後沒有財團的私人慈善機構我們才會做處理. 透明公開. 謝謝你們.

Many many calls and messages came in yesterday, thank you for your concern. This issue is not the same as before, it's usual for the old government to bully people, but this time is more jialat than that. Now I'm gonna tell you what happened, and everyone should be my judge!
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Besides, we'll donate all profit to charity organisations, pls email us the details of the charity organisation, bank account number, most importantly the website of the organisation to [email protected]
We shall verify if the charity organisation is independent, legal, genuine, honest, non-governmental support and without support from corporations. Must be transparent and open. Thank u!

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