How to Easily Potty Train Your Puppy

In order to train your puppy you must first know a few techniques which will allow you to have a better relationship with your puppy and train them properly right from the beginning to have well behaved and socialized puppy that will grow to be a great dog.

The most important things which are required of you, as the dog trainer, are:

  • Tolerance
  • Perseverance
  • Affection Control

You must not show your anger on your puppy. Always try to maintain the above mentioned points with your attitude and behavior in order to avoid any adverse effects and keep the training going as smoothly and positively as possible.

This article will provide you with some basic techniques for some of the most essential puppy training scenarios below. If you are new to the world of puppy training then this article is a must read for you.

Housebreaking Your Puppy

After eight weeks it is a good time to begin housebreaking your new puppy. If you got your puppy before the suggested training period then you must be sure that you take him out for his potty breaks and remember to be strict with eating schedules and stick to your puppy’s vet’s recommendations about the serving sizes that you feed him or her.

From beginning you should make it a habit to feed your puppy at least 90 minutes before bedtime, just before bed time you should take your new puppy outside on a little walk around to give an opportunity for a potty break. This will help to reinforce the practice of going potty outside by giving ample opportunity to do so, which you can follow up with treats and praise.

It is suggested that it is good for you to take your puppy out for a stroll every 2 hours, if not sooner, depending upon your dog’s needs. In the meanwhile you will begin to learn more about the needs of your puppy in order to let him or her out at the right time. Every time you do this you should use a command such as “go potty” and follow up a successful potty outing with a treat and praise. Another thing you should remember that you should not put your puppy outside by itself, make sure you stay with your puppy during the entire outing.

Let your puppy out whenever you feel your puppy to be impatient or find him or her sniffing the ground. Never shout at your puppy or scold him or her but be sure to make a prominent noise in order to distract them from doing wrong acts.