Dangerous Dog Breeds, Which Might Need Some Extra Training

When we denote a breed of dog to be dangerous, we must bear one thing in mind that no breed of dog is completely safe to handle with which implies there exists no breed of dog that is free of attack. Centers for disease control, claim that from the year 1979-1998 there were 238 fatal cases due to dog bites primarily caused by 25 dangerous dog breeds. More than half of the deaths were caused by bite of Rottweiler’s and pit bull dogs. As dog bite liability claims are very high certain insurance firms even refuse to provide insurance for owners of certain dangerous dog breeds.

The blacklisted dangerous dog breeds are as follows:

Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan Malamutes

These are huge dogs of northern region of Alaska. They are used as sled dogs in travel, moving heavy materials and freight hauling. As they are very affectionate in nature they cannot be used as watch dogs. Owing to their thick coat, they cannot be kept in very hot places without plenty of water and shade. They develop winter coat and as spring comes they shed it.


These big dogs are of German origin. These are lovely companion and known for their shrewdness if trained properly. These dogs are quick learners and they love the companion of children. Also they are very devoted to their trainers. Regular heath check ups must be performed by owners of these dogs. A famous misconception is that this breed of dogs is used for dog fighting.


PitbullPitt Bull

A lot of dangerous dog breeds fall under this same category. Cane corso, argentine dogs and American terriers are some kinds of Pitt bulls with certain similar characteristics. Australia, Ontario, France and the United Kingdom have imposed a ban on importing Pitt bulls into their country to be bred. This is so because studies reveal that these dog bites causes death.

Doberman Pinschers

It is breed that falls under the classification of domestic dogs. They are ideally suited for tasks of guarding. They derive their origin from Germany. These are generally very loving, loyal and gentle breeds of dogs. They are highly intelligent as well.

Quick Tip #1

When choosing a dog breed be sure to learn as much as you can about the breed of dog your considering adopting or you may run in to some unwanted surprises. You can use the tools available to you to research such as the internet, pet stores and the library.

Quick Tip #2

If your looking for a family dog you will want to avoid most dogs that have been breed to fight or protect pieces of property. Although many are loyal companions some are unpredictable and just cannot be trusted with kids because what has been breed in to them years ago.

Quick Tip #3

When your trying to decide on the best size of dog breed to suite you be sure to factor in that the larger the dog breed the larger the home and piece of property you must have. If you have a small apartment you should not have a big dog it wouldn’t be fair to the dog.